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GRAWA members enjoy holiday gathering

Magistrate Judge Marian Payson, LaMarr Jackson and Family Court Judge Joan Kohout.

More than 70 members of the Greater Rochester Association for Women Attorneys gathered on Dec. 15 at the American Association of University Women mansion on East Avenue.

“We had a great mix of young attorneys and long-time GRAWA members,” GRAWA President Kari Smoker said. “There was lots of talking and laughter — a sure sign of a successful party.”

Attendance was free to members, but donations were collected to contribute to a full scholarship for a female student’s participation in the Young Entrepreneurs Academy — a local program providing experience-based entrepreneurship opportunities, allowing young people to transform ideas into real businesses.

— Photos by Nora A. Jones

Stephanie Fix and Audrey Peartree.

Marla Pilaroscia and June Castellano.

Liz Wolford, Sara Snyder Merkel and Magistrate Judge Marian Payson.

Bethany Centrone and Candace Lee.

Mary Philbin, Laura Taylor and Elaine Cole.

Julie Bielecki and Darice Dinsmore Hickey.

Jennifer Lunsford, Colleen Holland, Meghan McGuire and Meghan Schubmehl.

Amanda Carden, Josie Sheppard, Katherine Kenney and Jennifer Meldrum.

Guests mingle at the GRAWA Holiday Party.

GRAWA President Kari Smoker and Sheila Gaddis.

David Mayer and Connor Jane O’Brien.

Family Court Judge Dandrea Ruhlmann and Brenda Wonder.

Carolyn Nussbaum and Mary Loewenguth.

Victoria Gleason and Lea Nacca.

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