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New law guide addresses cybersecurity

Practising Law Institute, the New York-based nonprofit that specializes in continuing legal education, announced the publication Wednesday of what it describes as the first major legal treatise on the law of cyber risk.

PLI says the new work, Cybersecurity: A Practical Guide to the Law of Cyber Risk, reflects a new reality.

“Managing cyber risks, once the near-exclusive realm of IT professionals, is now also borne by attorneys, senior executives, and directors,” PLI said in a press release. “This new guide provides the practical steps that can be taken to understand and mitigate today’s cyber risks and build the most resilient response capabilities possible.”

The editors are Edward R. McNicholas and Vivek K. Mohan of Sidley Austin LLP’s Privacy, Data Security and Information Law practice group. Both are based in Washington, D.C.

PLI says the book provides a comprehensive discussion of the complex quilt of federal and state statutes, executive orders, regulations and contractual norms, as well as the ambiguous tort duties that can apply.

The book, which costs $395, includes practice tools developed during the hundreds of breaches that the authors have weathered with their clients.

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