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Who We Are:

For over a century, The Daily Record has provided essential news to Western New York’s legal, real estate and business communities. Insightful articles and columns keep you apprised of the latest industry trends, along with a comprehensive listing of up-to-date business transactions for Monroe County. From local, state and federal decisions to bankruptcies, judgments, foreclosures and public notice information, The Daily Record is your source for all things “law, real estate, finance and general intelligence.”


The Daily Record offers advertisers the opportunity to reach a select, professional audience that has both the means and desire to do business with you.

· Average age: 55

· Education: College and advanced degrees, primarily JD and MBA

· Average individual income: $150,000

· Careers: CEOs, owners, partners, vice-presidents, managers (upper level and middle)

· Leisure interests: Art/theatre, professional sporting events, gardening/home improvement, vacation/travel, wine tasting, fine dining, music/concerts, reading

· Investment interests: Bonds, brokerage accounts, CDs, IRAs, real estate, money market accounts, mutual funds

· Consumer interests: Automobiles, electronics, home exercise equipment, antiques/art, fine jewelry, health/country club memberships, travel/cruise/vacation, sports equipment, boat/recreational vehicle,  residence/vacation homes

· Major business purchases: Building materials/equipment, company vehicles, computers/software, office space, furniture, corporate outings, consulting/freelance services

· 71% of readers consider The Daily Record the most or equally important source of local, legal, real estate  and business news.

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