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St. Ann’s Community hires four

Michelle M. Couse

St. Ann’s Community recently hired four professionals: Michelle M. Couse, Keith English, Erin Heberle and Nicholas Lucci. Couse was appointed infection control preventionist. She provides infection control surveillance and education, updates infection policies and ensures adherence, and oversees the infection control committee. English was hired as kitchen manager/sous chef at St. Ann’s Home. He is responsible for food production and oversees the kitchen during afternoons and evenings. Heberle is a newly appointed nurse practitioner for St. Ann’s Community’s Medical Practice. She collaborates with physicians to diagnose and treat patients who are receiving transitional care at the Wegman Transitional Care Center in Irondequoit and at St. Ann’s Care Center in Webster. Lucci is the new Cherry Ridge maintenance supervisor. He oversees Cherry Ridge maintenance staff and acts as facility manager when needed.

Keith English

Erin Heberle

Nicholas Lucci

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