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Specifications for Submission


• Files should be named uniquely and include your company name and the ad size.

• Create your document in the exact ad size dimension (1/16 pg, 1/8 pg, 1/4 pg, 1/2 pg, full pg) in which it is to be reproduced.

• Color ads should be submitted in CMYK. Please make sure your file is set up as B&W if it is to appear that way. Make sure there is no rich black.

• PDF format is the preferred format for all ads. Remember when creating PDF files to use the press optimized setting. Be sure to embed all fonts and downsample to 300 dpi.

• Other acceptable file options include: QuarkXpress 9.0, InDesign CS6, Illustrator CS6 and Photoshop CS6 (earlier versions are acceptable). When sending files in these formats, please convert all text to curves or outlines and include all fonts and graphics with your file.


• Very small or very fine type, artwork with very small or fine detailing, screened type, art or background may fill in on the press.

• We suggest no smaller than 8 point for normal text and no smaller than 12 point for reversed text.

• Dark images tend to darken on press. Lighten areas that may print too dark. Typical press dot gain is 20%.


• Files will be accepted via email to your ad representative or by disk to The Daily Record, 16 W. Main St., Rochester, NY 14614, Attn: Advertising Coordinator. All materials should be received by the appropriate deadline.


• ROP space reservation:

Camera Ready – Two days prior to publication.

Materials requiring ad production by The Daily Record art department – Noon, four days prior to publication.

• Classifieds & Directories: 10 a.m., two days prior to publication.

• Payment is required in advance by out-of-state customers and first time advertisers. We accept Visa/MC/AMEX.

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