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Fast food chain committed to Rochester community (8120)

By: admin//April 20, 2001

Fast food chain committed to Rochester community (8120)

By: admin//April 20, 2001

A lot of Wendy’s old fashioned hamburgers have been consumed by Rochesterians over the years. Selling hamburgers isn’t the only concern for the company.

“Our commitment to and involvement in Rochester is just as important to us as selling hamburgers,” said Pam Salmon, marketing coordinator for Wendy’s Restaurants of Rochester, Inc. “Our goal is not to be just another restaurant, but a neighborhood friend.”

“Over the last eight years, we have continued to develop a strong tie with many community organizations such as schools, churches, scout troops and non-profit organizations,” she said.

Fundraising Programs

For example, Wendy’s is a major sponsor of CURE Childhood Cancer Association’s “Run For Cure.” This is a fundraising program for schools and youth groups.

“We provide all the materials to run the program,” Salmon said, “as well as prizes for the participants. This program has become an important source of funds for Cure and continues to grow.”

In the last year, 26 other non-profit groups have taken advantage of Wendy’s Bonus Books Program and sold over 15,000 bonus books. The books are filled with valuable Wendy’s coupons (an $11 value) which are sold for $2. The group selling the books makes $1.75 profit for each book sold.

Charles Carroll School (Rochester City School 46) sold over 2,000 books for its fifth grade Toronto Field Trip. Through this program, they were able to raise $3,500 to subsidize students’ costs.

“Also, the Arthritis Foundation utilizes these bonus books for those who need help in raising their registration fees for their ‘Joints In Motion Marathon,’” Salmon said.

Wendy’s also has individual coupons that non-profit organizations can sell. The involved organization receives 25 cents for each coupon sold. The coupons are valid for an eight-week period and have three offers. The customer redeeming the coupons can select which offer they want.

Product Donations

“We provide beverages (syrup concentrate, cups, napkins and use of 10-gallon beverage containers) for many school and community events,” Salmon said. “Examples of the types of events we get involved with are school picnics, ice cream socials, car washes, fundraising dinners, overnight campouts, carnivals, walk-a-thons and DARE graduations.”


“We have also developed an incentive program for schools and other community groups through the use of reward certificates and coupons,” Salmon continued. “We provide bookmarks for reading programs in the schools and libraries.”

“One example of our incentive program is our support of the DARE program in various schools by providing graduation certificates.

“We are also in the process of developing a summer program which will reward children for a job well done.”

Donation requests should be put in writing on your organization’s letterhead and mailed to: Wendy’s Restaurants of Rochester, Inc., 20 North Union St., Rochester, NY 14507.

If you have questions, contact Salmon at 262-3620.

If you have an idea for “Going The Extra Mile,” contact Jim Wemett at 621-1888. Wemett is CEO of ROC Communications. His “e”-mail is www. [email protected].

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