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MCBA 2.0

The Monroe County Bar Association recently launched a second version of its “eDocket” as a means to communicate with members and non-members alike.
To keep in touch with readers, and keep them informed of association happenings, the MCBA’s newsletter “The Docket” — formerly called “Views” — is published in a hard-copy format.
But about two years ago, the MCBA also began an electronic version of the newsletter, “eDocket,” which from time to time includes a column from MCBA Executive Director Mary Corbitt, information on upcoming events, promotional pushes for MCBA and the Greater Rochester Association for Women Attorneys or the Rochester Black Bar Association, reminders for members to do things such as update their directory information and more.
The latest “CLE eDocket” came about as part of an effort to provide recipients with critical information without bogging down their inboxes, Corbitt said Monday. It features information on upcoming CLE programs, training sessions and similar events.
“I think what’s nice about it is it’s a quick read,” Corbitt said. “We don’t do heavy content.”
It’s a move away from targeted e-mail “blasts” concerning individual events and classes, Corbitt said. Recipients can see all they need to know at a glance.
“We’re respectful of the fact that people don’t want to hear from us 10 times a week” she said.
The latest eDocket also allows the MCBA to track whether members find it useful. The bulletin is sent to about 2,500 recipients every week. So far, Corbitt said nearly 40 percent open it and click through the links inside, Corbitt said.
Less than 1 percent choose to opt out each month, she said.
She said she’s been encouraged by people referencing having seen something in an eDocket.
“We get feedback from it,” Corbitt said. “We’re always trying to improve.”
To sign up, visit the MCBA’s Web site at
[email protected]