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Bonadio Group offers new CFO service

The Bonadio Group on Monday announced the launch of a new Personal Chief Financial Officer service through its Wealth Advisors team.

The turnkey Personal CFO service is designed to provide individual clients with a single advisor to manage and coordinate various aspects of the client’s financial goals, similar to a company’s CFO, who has responsibility for planning, management and oversight of a business’s finances. A Personal CFO will work closely with other advisors such as accountants, lawyers and financial products specialists to develop and maintain the client’s financial strategy.

“We believe that everyone’s accounting, tax, legal, insurance, and investment needs should be handled by specialists, whether through their current advisors or with those we recommend,” Cynthia Turoski, managing director of Bonadio Wealth Advisors, said in a statement. “A Personal CFO serves as the liaison to interact with all specialists.”

The firm operates offices in Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, Albany, Geneva and Perry.
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