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Judicial Nom-Com adopts revised rules

The Commission on Judicial Nomination on Wednesday published a Notice of Adoption of its revised rules in the New York State Register.

The publication makes the commission’s recently revised rules official and binding.

The commission published its initial draft of proposed changes in July 2009, and considered a number of comments on the proposed revisions from private and public individuals and organizations, according to a statement from the commission.

The revised rules modify the commission’s former rules to formalize protocol for broad outreach to and solicitation of candidates, including notice to civic and public interest organizations who register with the commission; add an explicit commitment to diversity; simplify the application process; require the commission’s report to the governor to include more details about nominees and describe the commission’s outreach to candidates; outline a protocol for the Commission’s Web site and clarify of the commission’s voting procedures.

The New York State Register is available online at and the new rules are available at