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COMIDA approves Harris PILOT agreement

Harris Corporation in Rochester has secured a Payment-in-Lieu-of-Taxes agreement with Monroe County to keep taxes flat at $310,000 for 10 years on its 1350 Jefferson Road facility.

The global radio communications manufacturer next summer will consolidate four of its Rochester operations sites into the 84-acre, 576,000-sq. ft. Henrietta campus, currently owned by Xerox Corp. Xerox is vacating the site and moving its existing employees to another site in Webster.

Headquartered in Melbourne, Fla., Harris Corp. “had been evaluating relocating its manufacturing operation to excess capacity in its headquarters facility in Florida,” a release from the County of Monroe Industrial Development Agency states.

“Harris will retain 1,100 manufacturing and associated engineering and administrative jobs in Monroe County that were at risk for relocation,” the release states.

The $46 million relocation project includes a $26 million renovation and equipment plan.

The PILOT will keep its taxes flat at $310,000 for 10 years, increase to $329,000 in years 11 through 15 and increase to $362,000 in years 16 through 20.

COMIDA states that after 20 years, taxes will be based on the assessed value of the property. Any additions will be taxed and assessed separately from the PILOT, the release also states.