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PAR Earth Day Luncheon/CLE

Michele McKay, Doug Kaleta, Shirley Calhoun and Nicole Micciche.

First row (l to r): Maggie Cyganovich, Jane Gorski, Kathy Lanning, Rose Umiker, Ann Hodenius and Gretchen Vona; back row (l to r): Michele McKay, Doug Kaleta, Shirley Calhoun and Nicole Micciche.

On Earth Day, April 22, the Paralegal Association of Rochester hosted a CLE luncheon, “Clean Air, Climate Change and the Law,” at the First Federal Conference Center.

Hiscock and Barclay attorney Danielle E. Mettler presented an overview of the Clean Air Act to the about 20 paralegals who attended.

The Clean Air Act consists of Seven Titles: Title I deals with air pollution prevention and control; Title II, emissions standards for moving sources; Title III, hazardous air pollutants; Title IV, acid deposition control; Title V, permits; Title VI, stratospheric ozone control and Title VII, enforcement.

There are six criteria pollutants under Title I — oxides of nitrogen, sulfur dioxide, ozone, lead, particulate matter and carbon monoxide. States are required to implement measures to achieve and maintain pollutant levels detailed within the National Ambient and Air Quality standards. Mettler discussed New York’s NAAQ status and said states can be in attainment in controlling some of pollutants but not others.

Another interesting area of discussion was Title VI, which requires manufacturers to phase out production and use of chloroflourocarbons and other ozone-depleting substances. As of 2009, production of all Class I substances and certain Class II substances have been phased out.

— Marcelle Veater

Danielle E. Mettler

Danielle E. Mettler

Marilyn Rogowicz, Mary Gaudio and Patty Sexstone.

Marilyn Rogowicz, Mary Gaudio and Patty Sexstone.