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‘Rent Too High’ candidate: I can’t quit now

NEW YORK CITY — Jimmy McMillan says he can’t quit now — the rent is still “too damn high.”

The man who became the breakout star of New York’s race for governor said Wednesday that he got so much support, he has to keep going.

“I’ve been saying this for years, and people finally listened,” he told The Associated Press. “Because of that, I can’t quit now.”

Not that he’s entirely sure what his future direction should be; McMillan just knows he’s going to be busy, trying to make something out of the Rent is 2 Damn High party.

McMillan, 63, is a perennial fringe candidate who has also run for Senate and mayor. He has blamed rent prices in part on Jewish landlords, for which he later apologized, and has given conflicting stories on how much he pays.

He became an Internet and cable TV sensation after a debate in which he repeated his point about New York’s price of living: “The rent is too. Damn. High.”

He received almost 40,000 votes Tuesday in the race won by Democrat Andrew Cuomo. That’s not enough to automatically qualify for the ballot in 2014 but three times more