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City Releases plan for JOSANA neighborhood

Acting Mayor R. Carlos Carballada today released a master plan for the continued revitalization of the JOSANA Neighborhood in Northwest Rochester.

The “JOSANA Neighborhood Master Plan: A Plan for a Place We’re Proud to Call Home” encompasses a neighborhood that is bounded by I-490 to the south; Child Street to the west; Lyell Avenue to the north; and Broad Street to the east. The plan presents a thorough review of the existing conditions in the neighborhood, a shared community vision, comprehensive recommendations and an approach to implementation.

More than 60 specific recommendations under six broad categories are included. The plan seeks to improve the social network of the community; public safety, public health, the environment, job creation and housing. 

The plan provides a parcel-by-parcel survey of neighborhood properties and a housing-market study that will guide city investments. It also offers specific suggestions to implement the recommendations, such as identifying funding sources and specific nonprofit organizations that can help fulfill the objectives.

Other recommendations include: infrastructure improvements on Jay and Broad streets, developing parenting classes in the health clinics at School 17, incorporating greening strategies from the City’s Project Green, establishing a community tool and gardening shed, working with local businesses to improve hiring from the neighborhood and clustering commercial activity on Lyell Avenue and Broad Street to support Marina Auto Stadium. 

View the study on the city website at