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Two more photo-enforced intersections going live

Rochester’s Red Light Photographic Enforcement Program will add two more camera-equipped intersections to its inventory at 6 a.m. Saturday.

They are the intersections of East Avenue and Culver Road,  and Dewey and Ridgway avenues.

Rochester plans to use photo enforcement at as many as 50 intersections as part of an ongoing effort to improve public safety by reducing traffic accidents. Intersections were selected based on crash data and video surveys.

Saturday’s launch will bring the total inventory to seven intersections. The cameras capture still and video images of vehicles in the act of a red-light violation, which initiates the procedure to deliver a civil summons, or Notice of Violation, to the registered owner of the vehicle. The violation is a civil penalty and is not reported to insurance companies and does not generate points on a driver’s license.    

Evidence captured by the red light cameras is reviewed by the Rochester Police Department before the summons is delivered in the mail. Vehicle owners will have an opportunity to pay a fine or appeal the summons. The civil violation carries a $50 fine.

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