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Trump says he’s serious about possible 2012 bid

NEW YORK CITY — Real estate mogul Donald Trump, saying he is more serious than he’s ever been about a potential presidential bid in 2012, criticized President Barack Obama and other U.S. political leaders for allowing the country to become “badly decimated.”

Trump appeared at a news conference Thursday with Mikhail Saakashvili, president of Georgia, to announce plans to develop two luxury properties there. Trump praised Saakashvili for political and economic reform efforts in that country, suggesting the U.S. was lagging far behind.

“You see what’s happened with the Republic of Georgia and you see what’s happening to our country,” Trump said, pointing to high unemployment, spiking gas and food prices and the weak U.S. dollar. “You see what can be done with proper leadership. We in this country, we don’t have that leadership. We’re being badly decimated in this country. We’re like a whipping post.”