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Richards sworn in as mayor

Lt. Gov. Robert J. Duffy, former mayor of Rochester, swears in newly elected Mayor Thomas S. Richards on Friday at City Hall. Vasiliy Baziuk

Mayor Thomas S. Richards was sworn in Friday by former mayor and Lt. Gov. Robert J. Duffy.

Richards’ term began April 11 when he signed the Oath of Office. At his inauguration, he called for a “re-calibration of the role of city government to reflect new economic realities and the evolution of Rochester’s economy.”

“Our current financial challenges are structural, which means that we have to change the structure to solve them,” Richards said.

“In my vision for our city, we will recapture an understanding and appreciation of our common interest-of our being bound by the limits of this entity that is the city — and begin behaving accordingly.” Richards said he will make education a priority.

“We need to stop fighting amongst ourselves and recognize that our common interest and our common good demands serious progress on preparing our young people for the future,” Richards said.