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Natcore Technology coming to Rochester

After a four-month search, Natcore Technology Inc. will establish the Natcore Research and Development Center at Eastman Business Park in Rochester.

Natcore signed a lease Wednesday for and office and laboratory in Building 82 of the Kodak Research Laboratories. The site was selected over several other finalists throughout the country.

Natcore currently conducts research at Ohio State and Rice universities and a joint venture in China. That work will be consolidated in Rochester, although Natcore will continue its funded joint research program with the Barron Group at Rice in Houston, Texas.

The R&D Center will enable Natcore to accelerate its development of thin-film solar cells, which could cut the cost of producing solar energy in half.

The Natcore Research and Development Center will be staffed initially by eight people. Interviews will begin soon for chemists and chemical engineers, electrical engineers, materials scientists and technicians. 

“I’m delighted to know that after months of negotiations, Natcore has decided to bring their research and development Center to Eastman Business Park,” said Rep. Louise Slaughter of Fairport who was instrumental in attracting Natcore.

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