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Sex offenders off social networking sites

The e-STOP law has resulted in the removal of more than 24,000 accounts and online profiles linked to registered sex offenders.

The Electronic Security and Targeting of Online Predators Act, authored by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo when he served as attorney general, was passed unanimously by the Legislature in April 2008.

It requires sex offenders to register and keep up to date all current email accounts, screen names and any other Internet identifiers with the state Division of Criminal Justice Services. The list is then given to more than two dozen social networking companies on a weekly basis and those sites use it to purge offenders.

“E-STOP is one of the most effective Internet safety laws in the nation, directly responsible for keeping thousands of sex offenders offline and away from our children,” Cuomo said Thursday. “I commend the social networking sites that have agreed to continually use our data to ensure the safety of their users.