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Tell the guv how to make the state more efficient

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is seeking public participation in the process of modernizing and right-sizing state government, improving performance, increasing accountability and saving taxpayers’ money.

The state launched a new Spending and Government Efficiency Commission website at to allow the public to suggest ways to improve the efficiency and quality of government services.

Submissions will be an integral component to the reform process. The site will also include listings of the SAGE Commission’s public meetings and materials from its first meeting on April 25.

The commission includes representatives from the private sector, labor and government. It is co-chaired by Antonio M. Perez, chairman and CEO of Eastman Kodak Co., and Paul Francis, director of Agency Redesign and Efficiency.

The commission’s final recommendations to the governor will be delivered by June 1. Periodic progress reports will be delivered on an ongoing basis.