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Ex-president Clinton talks job strategy

ALBANY — In an often rousing speech, former President Bill Clinton urged New York to keep looking to the future to create a better state.

“New York can rise again,” Clinton said “What we need is to suit up and win again.”

He urged the Rust Belt state now mired in a sluggish recovery not to “bellyache” about foreign competition which, after all, is just following the same economic path that America blazed.

“You just have to figure out what you have to do to win,” Clinton told New York’s economic development leaders.

He also took a shot at partisanship in Washington: “Conflict may be great politics … but cooperation wins the day.”

Clinton said government is not the problem. He said a strong economy requires an effective government that will “ask the right questions” about using local assets to invigorate business.

He credited his protege, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, for doing that in New York.