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Nothnagle Realtors merging Livingston offices

The Lakeville office of Nothnagle Realtors in Livingston County will be merged into the expanded Geneseo office.

In the past year, the Nothnagle Geneseo office, which began as a two-room satellite office in 2008, increased its sales volume by more than 322 percent and has evolved into a 3,500 square foot office space.

The newest location in Dansville accounts for 58 percent of total sales in that market. With the increased growth in Geneseo and Dansville, many agents are working out of the busier Nothnagle offices, prompting the merger.

Most of the 15 Lakeville agents will move to Geneseo with one transferring to the Canandaigua branch. The Geneseo office is within seven miles of Lakeville and both Geneseo and Dansville are strategically positioned to continue to service the entire county.  

“This is a tremendous accomplishment for the company and we take great pride in the growth we have experienced in this particular market,” said Armand D’Alfonso, Nothnagle in president & CEO.