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Buzard hosts 25th annual holiday event

Supreme Court Justice Joseph Valentino, Richard Curtis, Phil Spellane, Loren Kroll and Supreme Court Justice Thomas Stander mingle at the 25th annual Business and Commercial Litigation Practice Group Holiday Gathering hosted by A. Vincent Buzard on Dec. 13 at Harris Beach PLLC offices in Pittsford.

Since 1987, A. Vincent Buzard has invited many colleagues and associates to his offices for a holiday celebration.

“It’s been a way to thank people who gave us work, and an opportunity to show off our office space,” Buzard said about the annual Business and Commercial Litigation Practice Group Holiday Gathering, which he continues to host as a member of Harris Beach PLLC.

As a former president of the Monroe County Bar Association and the New York State Bar Association, Buzard is well-known in the legal community and acknowledged the camaraderie and civility of the local bar. With humor, he shared stories of past years’ celebrations and mingled with those in attendance at the Dec. 13 event.


— Photos by Nora A. Jones

The holiday gathering at the offices of Harris Beach PLLC.

Family Court Judge Patricia Gallaher, Mark Pederson and Paul Braunsdorf.

Supreme Court, Appellate Division Justice Nancy Smith, Dave Edwards and Audrey Peartree.

June Castellano and A. Vincent Buzard.

Anne Marie Ark and Supreme Court Justice John Ark.

Supreme Court Justice Francis Affronti and Heidi Gregory.

H. Todd Bullard and Brighton Town Court Judge Karen Morris.

Kara Stoddard, Christina Petrella and Cristina Bahr.

Diane Cecero, Susan Laluk, Audrey Peartree and the Hon. Ann Pfeiffer.

Rochester City Court Judge John Schwartz and Louis Ryen.

Family Court Judge Gail Donofrio and Fred Garwood.

Jim Spitz and Sue Tebor.

Tom Klonik and John Postel.

Tom Reynolds and C. Bruce Lawrence.

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