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Man brings on 5 more lawyers against Facebook

BUFFALO — An upstate New York man who claims he’s entitled to half ownership of Facebook has added five attorneys to his legal team.

Paul Ceglia’s lead attorney, Dean Boland, said Monday that the addition of three attorneys from the New York City firm, Milberg LLP, along with attorneys Peter Skivington of Geneseo and Robert Calihan of Rochester should be seen as an indication of the strength of the case.

Ceglia is suing Facebook and founder Mark Zuckerberg in federal court in Buffalo. The Wellsville man says a contract he signed with Zuckerberg in 2003 entitles him to half of the multi-billion dollar social networking site.

Lawyers for Facebook say the contract is doctored and had nothing to do with Facebook.

A scheduling conference is set for April 4.

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