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League map shows who votes in Monroe County

This week, the League of Women Voters released a map of Monroe County which shows, by census tract, what share of adults are registered to vote.

In some neighborhoods only 10 percent of eligible adults are registered, while in other neighborhoods, more than 80 percent vote. Most of the tracts with low registration rates are found in the city of Rochester, while most of the tracts with high registration rates are found in suburban Monroe County.

League member Barbara Grosh shared the map with seniors at the School of the Arts who are enrolled in Participation in Government classes. Students were able to zoom in to find their census tract to see how civically engaged their neighbors are.

“The League believes that civic engagement is infectious,” Grosh said. “We know that all those people who have never registered to vote are connected to people who do vote. Those who are engaged need to reach out to their neighbors, friends and families to pull them in.”

The League of Women Voters is working with groups in low-registration areas to increase voter registration. The map of voter registration rate by census tract can be found at http://voterochester.org/VoterRegistrationMonroeCounty_Streets.pdf.

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