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RBBA releases judicial evaluations

The Rochester Black Bar Association has completed its evaluation of the 2012 judicial candidates.

As with prior years, rating options include a qualification rating and a rating for racial/diversity sensitivity. The qualification scale includes the following options: HQ-highly qualified, Q-qualified and U-unqualified. The racial/diversity sensitivity scale includes: HS-high sensitivity, MS-moderate sensitivity and LS-low sensitivity. Accordingly, the 2012 judicial ratings are:

NYS Supreme Court

• The Hon. David M. Barry — HQ/HS

• The Hon. Charles F. Crimi, Jr. — HQ/HS

• The Hon. Gail A. Donofrio — HQ/HS

• Sean E. Gleason — HQ/HS

• The Hon. J. Scott Odorisi — HQ/HS

Monroe County Family Court:

•William H. King — HQ/HS

Rochester City Court

• The Hon. Ellen M. Yacknin — Q/MS