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Legislators urge changes in drunken boater laws

WANTAGH — Several New York officials are urging stricter laws and enforcement when it comes to drunken boating.


State Sen. Charles Fuschillo and Assemblyman David McDonough say they are introducing several bills in the state Legislature.


They were joined at a press conference Thursday on Long Island by the family of a man recently killed in an alleged drunken boating crash.


They want to link laws on drunken boating to current drunken driving laws.


One suggestion is to make it a felony if a child is the passenger of an allegedly drunken boater. The so-called Leandra’s Law already covers drunken driving offenses for that.


They also want to link drunken driving, drunken boating and drunken snowmobiling when considering charges against repeat offenders. They say each is currently considered separately.