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Doorley thanks petition signers

Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley on Thursday issued thanks to more than 600 people who signed a petition to keep convicted child murderer James Moore in prison.

Her gratitude followed a Wednesday announcement by the New York State Parole Board, denying Moore’s application for freedom. Moore, who admitted to raping and killing 14-year-old Pamela Moss in 1962 (as well as the molestation of dozens of other girls), agreed to serve a life sentence in order to avoid the death penalty, according to a release. Changes to state law in the last decade, however, have allowed Moore to become eligible for parole every 24 months, giving him the opportunity to withdraw from the agreement.

In an effort to prevent Moore’s release, Doorley and Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn sponsored an online petition to raise awareness and give county residents a venue protest Moore’s release.

Petition results, including nearly 650 signatures, were presented to the parole board July 16. In its statement denying Moore’s request for freedom, the parole board cited strong “community opposition.”

“In 1962, James Moore was allowed to escape the death penalty if the community and the Moss family were assured that he would spend the rest of his life in prison and with the help of those who signed the petition, we made sure that Mr. Moore will continue to hold up his part of that bargain,” Doorley said, thanking the board and petition signers.


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  1. ONLY 650 signatures?! This case used to garner tens of thousands. To the local paper and the District Attorney’s Office: PUBLICIZE the next time Moore comes up for parole and you’ll get more!