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New law addresses NY’s private business schools

ALBANY — A new law will keep closer tabs on schools created to train adults for careers in services and business.


The measure designed to better protect students was signed into law recently by Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The law gives the state Department of Education more authority to make sure the schools are using approved instruction methods and protecting students’ finances after they pay tuition.


There are more than 450 licensed, registered or certified schools instructing in various trades statewide. But up to another 1,000 are believed to be operating without a license.


State Education Commissioner John B. King Jr. says the law will provide more oversight to what he called a growing and critical sector in New York education.


One comment

  1. I wonder if this includes the whole “Will assure you a job upon graduaration” tag line that two certian schools use. Little does the student know that the schol will attempt to find the ANY job in order to satisify the whole the tag line.