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Administration urges terror surveillance renewal

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration maintains it is unable to say how many times one of the government’s most politically sensitive anti-terrorism surveillance programs — which is up for renewal this week on Capitol Hill — has inadvertently gathered intelligence about U.S. citizens.

The administration is seeking renewal of the program and defends its value, however.

In a briefing for reporters on the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the general counsel for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence said Tuesday that the program designed to monitor international communications by terrorist suspects has collected an extraordinary amount of valuable intelligence overseas about foreign terrorist suspects while simultaneously protecting civil liberties of Americans.

Originated by the George W. Bush administration, the program was publicly disclosed by The New York Times in 2005 and was restructured in 2008 to provide oversight by a secret federal court and with additional oversight from Congress.

Civil liberties groups and some members of Congress have expressed concern that the government may be reviewing the emails and phone calls of law-abiding Americans in the U.S. who are at the other end of communications with foreign terrorist suspects being monitored abroad.

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  1. After 9/11, our govt. saw fit to invade our privacy out of fear. Ask me if I would rather be unprotected and free, or watched and fearful, I chose freedom. “Give me Liberty, or Give me Death!” Patrick Henry. It is time to stop all this nonsense.