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Pay raises are in the works for 2013

Many Rochester-area workers can on average expect 3 percent raises in 2013, according to a Pay Trend survey conducted by the Rochester Business Alliance.


According to the annual survey released Wednesday, 88 percent of the 156 employers who responded planned increases for all or some of their workers next year. That’s 3 percent more than this year.


Only 9 percent projected wage freezes or pay reductions.


The average pay increase was 3 percent for the companies that gave raises from August 2011 to July 2012, the survey said.


Non-manufacturers are budgeting slightly lower increases of 2.9 percent, the survey said. Manufacturers and for-profit organizations are budgeting 3.2 percent while not-for-profits are planning 2.6 percent increases.


Local pay projections are on par with national surveys recently published.


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