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GRAWA presents discussion on ‘Life After Lawyering’

Nannette Nocon talked to GRAWA members and guests about financial resources and planning for retirement.

Nannette Nocon of Nocon & Associates has been a financial planner for nearly 30 years, so she is very familiar with the question: How much money do I need to retire?

On Sept. 10, in conjunction with a program hosted by the Greater Rochester Association for Women Attorneys, she shared some insights on how to enjoy your resources without outliving them.

Money is typically the primary issue discussed when approaching the question of retirement. But there are many other aspects of this life transition that are important, especially to busy professionals who have spent most of their adult life dedicated to client care.

Three additional presenters discussed other factors that play into the equation of being ready for retirement. Michael Schnittman, retired from Lacy Katzen LLP; Terry Richman, retired from Underberg & Kessler LLP; and Joyce Parker, retired from Harris Beach PLLC, shared their stories about planning for and beginning “life after lawyering.”

Some of the questions discussed: How do you want to spend your time? What fills the social gap of no longer having colleagues and office staff to interact with on a daily basis? How does retirement affect your self-esteem? How do you prepare your clients and your colleagues for your transition out of the daily practice of law?

The audience had many questions in return.

— Photos by Nora A. Jones

GRAWA President Kim Duguay liked the range of mental and emotional issues that were discussed as part of preparation for retirement.

Nannette Nocon talks with Steve Ingraham.

Eileen Buholtz was also among the attendees.

The Hon. Anne Pfeiffer enjoys a laugh with Terry Richman as the attendees sample refreshments.

Meghan Lynch, co-chair of GRAWA Programs Committee, stopped by for the start of the program.

From left are Terry Richman, Elaine Cole, GRAWA co-chair for Programs Committee; and Debra Martin.

Terry Richman, Nannette Nocon, Michael Schnittman and Joyce Parker each spoke about the challenges and rewards of retirement.

Elaine Cole introduced the speakers and shared a few thoughts on her recent retirement.