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Rochester helping downstate

The Rochester Fire Department has sent one truck company (four firefighters) and a 110-foot aerial ladder truck to Nassau County to help with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

The company, according to Mayor Thomas S. Richards, left at noon Thursday for a minimum 72-hour deployment. Another crew will leave Sunday morning to replace the first. The city said that 72-hour rotation could continue for a week or more, as long as help is needed.

The first deployed team is trained to handle hazardous materials incidents, swift-water rescues and vehicle extrications.

“We are happy to share our resources with our fellow New Yorkers in need,” Richards said. “Sandy was a devastating storm whose effects were felt all over New York and even here in Rochester. We hope that the additional manpower from the Rochester Fire Department will further aid those in need and speed up the recovery process.”

Chief Salvatore Mitrano is arranging for replacements for the deployed firefighters.