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State to seek nonprofit political spending reports

ALBANY — The New York attorney general’s office has proposed regulations to require that nonprofits annually disclose their political spending on state and local races starting next year.

The proposal, subject to hearings and public comment through March 6, would require most tax-exempt groups registered in New York, including so-called “social welfare organizations,” to report the percentage of expenditures on “electioneering activities.”

Those include advertisements or communications calling for the election or defeat of a candidate, ballot question or party, or those that depict or clearly identify them within 180 days of an election.

Nonprofits that spend $10,000 or more a year that way would have to list all political expenditures. They would have to report each contribution received of $100 or more, including the contributor’s name, address and employer. Most information would be posted publicly on the attorney general’s website.