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MCBA re-releases judicial evaluations

Rating results for seven judicial candidates vying for various seats this year have been re-released by the Monroe County Bar Association.

Included is a first-time rating for Monroe County Court candidate Christopher S. Ciaccio.

Ratings are:

Rochester City Court

• The Hon. John Elliott: Highly qualified

• Attorney Caroline Morrison: Highly qualified

Monroe County Court

• Attorney Christopher S. Ciaccio: Qualified

• Attorney Paul Irving: Qualified

Monroe County Family Court

• Attorney Juan Nevarez: Qualified

• The Hon. Dandrea Ruhlmann: Highly qualified

• Attorney Nathan Van Loon: Qualified

• Attorney James Walsh: Qualified

The MCBA has a three-tier rating system consisting of “highly qualified,” “qualified” and “not qualified.” The ratings are based on an evaluation by hundreds of lawyers and judges who have professional experience with each person being evaluated, along with in-depth research and interviews by the MCBA’s Judiciary Committee.

The evaluation process is designed to be fair and unbiased, and is intended to be a public service providing voters with useful information on a person’s qualifications in seeking judgeship. The MCBA encourages the public to assess each person seeking judgeship independently and make up their own minds.

To view the rules for judicial evaluations, visit, or call (585) 546-1817.