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Design blamed for health website woes

WASHINGTON — A decision to require that consumers create online accounts before they can browse available health plans under President Barack Obama’s overhaul appears to have led to many of the program’s technical problems, independent experts say.

Most e-commerce websites — as well as medicare.gov — are not designed to require those merely browsing to set up accounts. But it’s one of the first steps on healthcare.gov.

Consumers trying to create their accounts multiplied the volume of online transactions that overwhelmed the website last week, causing long waits and frustration. Many people were stopped by a balky security questions page.

The administration threw in additional computing hardware to handle the volume, and deployed software experts to patch the mechanism for creating accounts, but reports of delays persisted Tuesday.

For Obama, glitches involving his signature legislation are an unwelcome twist. A devoted smartphone user, his political campaigns were models of high-tech efficiency. Yet the problems that have surfaced so far with healthcare.gov don’t even involve the site’s more complicated functions.


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