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Man accused of rape indicted

A Monroe County grand jury has indicted Marvin Sevilla-Rosales, 19, on more than a dozen charges including two counts of first-degree rape and second-degree conspiracy in connection with the rape of two women in separate incidents in June and July.

He is also accused of trying to have one of his victims killed. Many people began referring to the perpetrator as the “East Avenue rapist.”

Sevilla-Rosales is accused of raping one woman as she walked home from a restaurant on June 30 in the area of East Avenue and Alexander Street and then another during the course of a burglary five days later. Sevilla-Rosales was later apprehended by police when a witness identified him from photographs.

Sevilla-Rosales is also charged with five counts of predatory sexual assault, three counts of first-degree criminal sexual act and one count of first-degree sexual abuse. He is being held without bail in Monroe County Jail awaiting arraignment, scheduled for Friday.

Prosecuting is Julie Hahn, a bureau chief in the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office.