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Most wage theft cases resolved in 2013

More than 6,700 wage theft cases were resolved in New York in 2013 by the New York State Department of Labor, more than in any other year.

It resulted in the disbursement of nearly $23 million to more than 12,700 workers who were not paid their proper minimum wage, overtime pay or fringe benefits. This represents an increase of more than 12 percent in the number of closed wage theft cases compared to 2012.

“My administration has made it a priority to ensure workers in New York receive the compensation they deserve from their employers,” said Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo. “When employers don’t pay proper wages and benefits under the law, not only is it illegal, but it is also unfair to the majority of other businesses in New York that do follow the rules.”

In 2013, 6,533 new cases were opened and a total of 6,794 cases were closed. That is an increase of 36 percent in the number of cases brought to completion and closed as compared to 2012. 2013 also marks the first year in recent memory that more cases were closed than were opened, which is a direct result of changes to DOL’s investigative procedures.