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UR receives HIV prevention grant

A $1.1 million grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is being awarded to the University of Rochester to research HIV prevention in minority communities.

It is part of the first round of funding for the university from the CDC for a new, five-year HIV prevention funding program for health departments designed to achieve a higher level of impact with every federal HIV prevention dollar.

“The CDC reports that over 244,000 Americans are unaware that they are living with HIV,” Rep. Louise Slaughter said in announcing the grant. “I know that through the University of Rochester’s efforts to screen and prevent HIV, people will become empowered to protect their health and reduce risk of transmission to others.”

The grant is awarded through the CDC’s Capacity Building Assistance for High Impact HIV Prevention for Health Departments program, which is a new approach to funding HIV prevention for health departments.

Rochester has the second-highest rate of HIV/AIDS in New York state with 2,474 individuals in the area living with HIV infection as of 2010 according to state Department of Health.