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NY reports collecting $3.9B in evaded taxes

ALBANY (AP) — New York officials report collecting $3.9 billion in evaded taxes over the past year, an increase of about $200 million or five percent over the prior year.

The Department of Taxation and Finance said about 96 percent of the roughly $87 billion it collects in state and local taxes each year is remitted voluntarily by taxpayers.

Enforcement programs collect the balance, including $1.75 billion last year from audits and criminal investigations.

About $800 million was collected for local governments in the 2013-14 fiscal year that ended March 31.

The department said it also works with taxpayers to resolve debts and establishes payment arrangements.

Under a new program, the state reported suspending more than 8,100 driver licenses, resulting in full payments by some 7,000 taxpayers who each owed more than $10,000.