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NYSBA announces new section chairs

Fifteen new section chairs of the New York State Bar Association took office on June 1.

The 25 sections publish material dealing with their fields of expertise, much of which is not available through commercial publishers. Sections also sponsor conferences, seminars and institutes, monitor legislation and conduct studies. Each section contributes to policy-making, both in subject areas and association-wide.

The new section chairs are:

  • James W. Everett, Jr. of Albany, chair of the 4,146-member Business Law Section. He is a graduate of the State University at Buffalo Law School.
  • Paul D. Sarkozi, Manhattan, the 2,146-member Commercial and Federal Litigation Section.
  • Sherman W. Kahn, Manhattan, the 1,340-member Dispute Resolution Section.
  • Terresa M. Bakner, Albany, the 1,004-member Environmental Law Section.
  • Alton L. Abramowitz, Manhattan, the 2,457-member Family Law Section.
  • Brian J. Malkin, Washington, D.C., the 242-member Food, Drug and Cosmetic Law Section.
  • Richard A. Klass, Brooklyn, the 1,930-member General Practice Section.
  • Margaret J. Davino, Manhattan, the 1,226-member Health Law Section.
  • Charles T.J. Weigell, Manhattan, the 1,772-member Intellectual Property Law Section.
  • Thomas N. Pieper, Manhattan, the 1,693-member International Section.
  • Ellen M. Spodek, Brooklyn, the 334-member Judicial Section.
  • Ronald G. Dunn, Albany, the 2,213-member Labor and Employment Law Section.
  • David L. Berkey, Manhattan, the 4,126-member Real Property Law Section.
  • Sarah E. Gold, Albany, the 3,317-member Young Lawyers Section.