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County clerk warns of suspected phone scam

Residents may be on the wrong end of a scam if they take a phone call claiming there will be a warrant for their arrest if they fail to dial an out-of-state phone number by 5 p.m. that same day and make payment, according to Monroe County Clerk Cheryl Dinolfo.

The caller ID appears as a number from the county clerk’s office and the fraudulent person identifies herself as calling from the Monroe County Clerk’s Office. In a message left to one resident, the phone number to return the call was (423) 536-6354, which is a telemarketing agency in Tennessee.

The clerk’s office does not make phone calls pertaining to warrants or demanding that anyone make payment over the phone, Dinolfo said.

“If you receive this phone call, do not return the call and never send money to an unknown caller who demands payment,” Dinolfo said.

Anyone receiving a suspected fraudulent call is urged to contact the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office at (585) 753-4178 and file a report.