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Attorney memorial service planned

The Monroe County Bar Association will conduct its annual memorial service Friday in honor of attorneys who died in the past year.

The service, presided over by Judge Craig J. Doran, administrative judge of the Seventh Judicial District, will be from 12:30 to 2 p.m. in Courtroom 404 of the Hall of Justice, 99 Exchange St.

Attorneys that will be honored are Curtis W. Barker, Richard M. Brindisi, Richard A. Calabrese, Richard B. Callen, C. Richard Cole, Louis D’Amanda II, William T. French, Paul A. Fisher, Bernard Gastel, Robert V. Gianniny, Lloyd L. Hurst, Steven E. Laprade, Laura Beth Specht Monte, Joseph E. Papa, Benjamin Phelosof, Irving Peterson, Drew B. Ramsey, Joseph C. Rinere Jr., William G. Servis, Michael J. Shortley III, Robert L. Teamerson and Vincent D. Trinker.