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Boehner: Grimm’s resignation ‘honorable’

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Speaker John Boehner said Tuesday that U.S. Rep. Michael Grimm, R-N.Y., made the right decision by resigning from Congress after pleading guilty to tax evasion charges.

Boehner, R-Ohio, said that Grimm’s decision was “honorable,” adding that he knows Grimm made his decision “with the best interests of his constituents and the institution (of the House) in mind.” Boehner said he appreciated Grimm’s service to the House.

Grimm had vowed to stay in Congress as long as he could, even after his guilty plea last week. But he said Monday night that he plans to resign effective Jan. 5.

Grimm also said he did not believe he could be fully effective in the new Congress and needed to start the next chapter of his life.

“The events which led to this day did not break my spirit, nor the will of the voters,” Grimm said. “However, I do not believe that I can continue to be 100 percent effective in the next Congress.”


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  1. Considering that he has expressed a voilent temper when he threatened to throw a reporter “off the balconey” for asking a question, and he had the spector of an indictment hanging over his head for the charges mentioned in the article, it was amazing that he was re-elected in the first place. Do the people in his district have access to the internet or newspapers? Or are they so blindly loyal to the Republican party, that they would forgive any crime committed by their elected officials? It’s either one or the other.