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Man sentenced for importing drugs

Joshua Buerman, 27, of Williamson, who was convicted of conspiracy to import and distribute more than 15 kilograms of Methylone, a Schedule I controlled substance, has been sentenced by U.S. District Court Judge David G. Larimer to 108 months in prison.

Since June 2012, Buerman and other members of a drug trafficking organization used a supply source in China to buy significant quantities of Methylone and several other synthetic substances, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Douglas E. Gregory.

The government, by court order, intercepted emails indicating the China-based supplier was shipping controlled substances and controlled substance analogs to customers in the U.S. and abroad.

In August 2013, investigators learned several shipments of Methylone were being shipped to members of the Rochester organization. The packages contained a total of 3.5 kilograms of Methylone crystals.

Methylone is a stimulant that has a chemical structure closely related to 3,4 methyelenedioxymethamphetamine, known commonly as “MDMA” or “ecstacy.” Its crystalline form is often sold generically on the streets as “Molly” or “bath salts.” Methylone was the subject of an October 2011 DEA Emergency Scheduling Order and was permanently placed into Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act in April 2013.

Buerman was arrested with seven others in the Rochester area in September 2013. To date, six defendants have been convicted and sentenced. Charges are pending against the remaining defendants.