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Rochester and police union reach agreement

An agreement has been reached between the city of Rochester and the Locust Club police union on Mayor Lovely Warren’s neighborhood-based police reorganization plan, which will set up police coverage in five sections of the city, instead of the current model which includes downtown and east and west posts.

“Our police reorganization has always been about only one thing: Providing safer streets for our citizens and the police officers who protect them,” Warren said. “Now we can move forward to make that promise of safer neighborhoods a reality for residents and police alike.”

She commended Police Chief Michael Ciminelli and Locust Club President Mike Mazzeo for their hard work in negotiating the agreement.

“Their efforts show what our city is all about — working together for the greater good of the people we all serve,” Warren said.

For the past several days the city Locust Club engaged in long discussions and negotiations in order to reach an agreement to implement the reorganization plan. The agreement, signed Friday, allows the reorganization to begin as of April 20. More details are to be announced this week.