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Rochester-based company receives federal $ for battery development

NOHMs Technologies Inc. is the recipient of a $1.64 million federal-private contract that will speed development of advance electric vehicle batteries and improve performance, affordability, and safety.

NOHMs, with support from the US Department of Energy and the US Advanced Battery Consortium LLC — a collaborative organization of Fiat-Chrysler, Ford Motor Company, and General Motors — was awarded the competitive contract to develop NanoLyteTM lithium ion battery electrolytes for automobiles. The major contract will support innovations in order to support electric and hybrid vehicles.

“It is my top priority to advocate for Rochester and that is why I am proud to bring top leaders from the Department of Defense and Energy to Rochester to show them that our region is a national hub for research, development, and advanced manufacturing in the clean energy industry,” Rep. Louise Slaughter said Tuesday in announcing the grant. “Public-private investments like today’s are a large part of how Western New York continues to grow and attract new high-tech companies like NOHMs Technologies and the good-paying jobs they support.”

The federal partnership with USABC is administered through the DOE’s Vehicle Technologies Office, which works with industry, academia, and national laboratories to develop advanced transportation technologies to reduce the nation’s use of imported oil and increase its energy security.  The DOE identified electrochemical storage, such as the technology developed by NOHMs, as critical in order to advance the design of fuel-efficient, light and heavy-duty vehicles.