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Irondequoit High School cancels trip to Paris

IRONDEQUOIT — Irondequoit High School has canceled a class trip to Paris because of concerns over security in the French capitol after Friday’s terrorist attacks.

Jim Thomas, a French teacher at Irondequoit High School outside Rochester, tells WHAM-TV that he notified 26 students that the trip to Paris was called off after one of the French chaperones, a member of the military, told him it wasn’t safe to go there.

The students were disappointed their trip was canceled after being in the works for two years, but Thomas says the teenagers were devastated that so many lives were lost during the attacks.

Meanwhile, State University of New York officials say 65 SUNY students from 21 campuses studying abroad in Paris have all been accounted for following the attacks.

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  1. Now is probably the safest time to go, with all the added security in place.

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