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Congratulations, Rochester, your credit is good

Rochester's skyline. FIle photo

Rochester’s skyline. FIle photo

Greater Rochester has the best credit score of any metropolitan area in the state, according to Experian’s sixth annual State of Credit report.

The Rochester metropolitan area ranks 35th of 211 locations in the nation surveyed for the report. It scored 687 on a scoring system that ranges from 300 to 850. The national average was 669.

Average debt per consumer in Rochester was $28,799. That includes all credit cards, auto loans, personal loans and student loans.

The average balance on a bankcard was $4,175. And someone’s been paying off their debt — the corresponding figure for 2014 was $4,232.

The top three metropolitan areas for credit score were all in Minnesota. Mankato was first. Second? Rochester, Minn.



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