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We’ll be all over ‘Love Your Lawyer Day’ next year

Every so often a press release lands on your desk and your heart skips a beat.

That happened earlier this month, and yes, we admit it. We missed the news event of the year.

Unaccountably, The Daily Record put out an entire paper Nov. 6 without noting that it was Love Your Lawyer Day.

The Wall Street Journal? Check. Forbes? Check. The Swedish Bar Association? Check.

The Daily Record? We blew it.

The press release, which came from the American Lawyers Public Image Association (“the only organization in the world formed solely to promote a positive public image of lawyers”), just rubbed it in.

“Unless you were living in the heart of the Egyptian desert as a solitary monk on November 6, chances are you or someone you know either celebrated Love Your Lawyer Day or heard of someone who did,” ALPIA’s executive director said in a press release.

Well, excuse us. Our brief for the defense will show that we were otherwise engaged while we were preparing that paper. The previous evening was The Daily Record’s annual Attorneys of the Year event.

Too bad really, because we missed a chance to goose our social media numbers. According to ALPIA, when The Wall Street Journal featured Love Your Lawyer Day in a page one story, the hashtag #LoveYourLawyerDay trended No. 1 on Twitter for most of the day.

Hopefully #NYDailyRecord was No. 2.

Anyway, we’ve been paying more attention to the Swedish Bar Association since then, especially since ALPIA says its president proclaimed it a day to be celebrated with “drums and trumpets.” In Rochester, we’re kind of wondering why the Monroe County Bar Association didn’t announce the same thing.

To be honest, we were a little suspicious of the American Lawyers Public Image Association. But we checked, and it does have a website, so it must be OK, right?

Right there on its home page, it says: “Over the last 15+ years, ALPIA has made tremendous inroads in communicating our message to the public, the legal profession, and members of the media. We have received both national and local coverage from media outlets such as NBC, The Christian Science Monitor, The Palm Beach Post, Access Hollywood, The Orange County Register, The Sun-Sentinel and more.

ALPIA? Any chance you can add The Daily Record?

#LoveYourLawyerDay. There, we said it.

Peter Meredith is the interim general manager at The Daily Record.


One comment

  1. Dear Mr. Meredith,

    My name is Nader Anise and I’m the Executive Director of the above-mentioned American Lawyers Public Image Association. Yes, Love Your Lawyer Day was huge. Yes, ALPIA is for real (glad to see you checked out our website). And yes, we’re really big in Sweden, almost as big as the Hoff is in Germany. Ok, well not quite, but we’re up there.

    We’re big believers in better late than never. OK, so you missed the “news event of the year.” Don’t beat yourself up over it — just give us massive coverage next year. We’ll gladly accept that deal. Sounds fair, doesn’t it?

    The last order of business has to do with us adding “The Daily Record” to the list of media outlets that gave us coverage. I think that can be arranged.

    Can you say Abracadabra?

    Here, take a look: http://www.alpia.org/about.html.

    Like I said, better late than never.

    We’ll be looking for you next year!