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MCBA condemns hate speech aimed at Islamic community

The Monroe County Bar Association’s Board of Trustees released the following statement Tuesday, saying it was a response to recent events:

“The Board of Trustees of the Monroe County Bar Association condemns divisive and angry speech directed at our brothers and sisters in the Islamic community, or which otherwise distorts our nation’s perception of an entire American religious or ethnic community.  In fact, such speech violates our most sacred principles as a nation born in religious tolerance, committed to the rule of law and rooted in justice for all.  Our collective experience as attorneys in America teaches us that silence in response to such unjustified and intemperate speech corrodes our nation’s values of justice, fairness and due process, and only encourages the enemies of freedom and liberty.

As attorneys, we condemn violence against all and unwarranted, hateful speech directed against our fellow Americans and their families.”